ANDOVER ֱ While much of the money in next fiscal yearֱs capital improvement plan will go toward maintenance, the plan also seeks to address problems spotlighted by the historic rainfall this past summer and last springֱs tragedy in Elm Square.

Other elements include police and fire gear replacement, as well as spending on election-related equipment.

Every year, the town creates a capital improvements plan which focuses on projects and purchases, often including town vehicles and maintenance to town buildings. This yearֱs plan totals $17,954,126, according to Town Manager Andrew Flanagan. Flanagan presented the plan at a Select Board meeting on Wednesday.

Funding for the plan is mostly broken up between revenue, borrowing and free cash, and itemized based on funding source.

Revenue makes up $2,400,000 with 88% planned for facilities, including maintenance, security improvements and mechanical/electric improvements. However the plan would also spend $25,000 for a high speed ballot tabulator, $65,000 for firearms replacements and $20,000 for maintenance at Spring Grove Cemetery.

The police department updates their firearms around every 10 years, said Lt. Eddie Guy of the Andover Police Department. Guy said the funding will cover around 60 firearms, enough to outfit all the officers in the department and allow for spares in case of malfunction.

While $1,885,000 in free cash would be split between items including sidewalks, devices for students and staff, new police vehicles and anticipated traffic and intersection safety studies. Flanagan added a couple of the items in this category were added in response to community need and concern.

Borrowing accounts for $4,980,000 in funds, which include investments in cybersecurity and replacements in thermal imaging cameras, which the fire department uses to detect heat through walls.

A major portion, $650,000, would go to storm water drainage.

ֱObviously this was a year of historic rainfall, with that our system held up remarkably well but it does highlight some areas where we could improve,ֱ said Flanagan.

Another $600,000 would go to town parks and playgrounds and funds are planned to be spent as part of a project to increase accessibility at Doherty Middle School.

The Select Board will vote on the plan on Dec. 11, however it wonֱt be approved until residents vote on it at Town Meeting in the spring.

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