MANCHESTER, N.H. ֱ A bystander the night of a fatal shooting outside a Manchester bar in January testified he heard the defendant announce he would kill the next person who touched him as the second-degree murder trial of the Salem, New Hampshire, man continued on Thursday in Hillsborough County Superior Court North.

John Delee, 23, stands trial for shooting and killing Timothy Pouliot, 24, of Manchester, outside The Goat Bar and Grill earlier this year after an altercation inside the bar spilled on to the streets. His attorneys claim he acted in self defense.

The two men did not know each other prior to that night, but a few altercations between the two and their friend groups arose within the bar which got them kicked out. Both men had challenged each other to fights at various point in the night, according to court documents and witness testimony.

State prosecutors and witnesses painted a picture of a man who was not fearful or looking for help when altercations with Pouliot and his friends happened throughout the night.

Bystander Brendan Enwright testified hearing Delee let out a threat the first time he pulled his gun out.

Enwright was outside the bar as Delee and the other men were thrown out. He saw a large group of men follow Delee once outside the bar. There was screaming, with the group appearing to harass Delee and yell obscenities at him, according to Enwright, who was in front of the SoHo Bistro and Lounge restaurant as the incident unfolded.

Pouliot wasnֱt yet outside on Old Granite Street, surveillance video showed.

The witness said he thought a fight was going to break out. Then Delee showed his gun and the group scattered across the street.

ֱֱThe next person that hits me is going to die or get shot,ֱֱ Enwright said he overheard Delee say when he first pulled out his gun.

State prosecutor Scott Chase noted the next person to hit Delee was Pouliot when he came up and punched him in the face.

Enwright said he watched as Pouliot walked up the street and exchanged words with Delee. He tried to warn Pouliot that Delee had a gun.

ֱֱThat guy has a gun,ֱֱ Enwright recalled saying. ֱI wanted not to go near that.ֱ

Another witness, Brian Delaney, said he saw Delee casually walk away after shooting Pouliot.

Delaney is a bouncer and bartender at The Goat. Earlier in the night, he broke up an altercation between Pouliot and Delee and later on when one of Pouliotֱs friends punched Delee in the face.

Delaney stressed he didnֱt understand why Delee was trying to ֱstart anything with this kid, heֱs so smallֱ or why he took offense to him. He recalled on the stand how there was a little laugh between himself and Delee about what had taken place.

State prosecutors asked if Delee called for help with Pouliot to which Delaney said no.

Delaney and a few other bouncers broke up the fight and kicked the men out.

The bouncer said once patrons are kicked out, they donֱt normally follow up once they are escorted out, but he was instructed to go outside after being told there was a commotion up the street.

ֱWhen I ran up, I saw Timmy was down,ֱ Delaney said. ֱI thought he was knocked down and saw John (Delee) walking away casually.ֱ

A woman named Sarah who Delaney saw Pouliot with inside was with him on the ground. As he approached Pouliot on the pavement, the woman was on top of him, trying to administer CPR, he said.

ֱI pulled her off of him and thatֱs when I knew he was shot,ֱ Delaney said.

Video surveillance shows Delee aimed his gun immediately at Pouliot after he was struck and fired multiple shots at him.

State prosecutors have said Delee continued to shoot Pouliot as he fell to the ground.

New Hampshire Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Weinberg offered his expert analysis to jurors about the severity of those gunshots.

Weinberg determined Pouliot died by gunshot wounds by a manner of homicide.

He told the jury how Pouliot could have survived a few of the shots, but three shots to his back resulted in heavy bleeding and were a ֱsignificant contributor to his death,ֱ the medical examiner said.

Two liters of blood filled his chest cavities, Weinberg said, adding the average adult-sized male has five liters of blood in their bodies.

Prosecutors asked Weinberg about the severity of the gunshot wounds to Pouliotֱs front extremities and grazed hand. He said they were likely survivable.

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